Management Consulting: Human Resources

Our Approach for Consulting

Strong HR management practices have the potential to increase productivity and profitability of the business. But HR management has become a huge task, demanding considerable resources. Time spent on administrative obligations is time spent away from growing your business.

We understand the challenges you face in growing your business. Managing HR can be a complex and costly endeavour. Since we are specializing in customized, high-touch HR solutions we can assist you in reaching goals and maximizing opportunities.

Providing our customers with advice on the HR management, we always focus on the main target - increasing productivity. That is why the process of development and implementation for HR policies and programs has one main goal - to make your business efficient.

HR Consulting: Range of Services

Professional guidance and support to build ideal HR function for your business, govern all paperwork and compliance in the following areas:

  • HR audit and compliance
  • Compensation system audit
  • Remuneration strategy design
  • Job evaluation and Base pay system design
  • Short-term incentive plans design
  • Social Benefits: products and services
  • Performance Management Systems design
  • Employee recruitment and induction program design
  • Job candidate search, recruitment, screening, and reference checking

Drawing on our experience and expertise, we help develop your HR function and strategy from the ground up. If you already have an HR department, but you are uncertain about its effectiveness, we will conduct a comprehensive top-down audit and assessment of your programs and services and help you establish a clearer vision both for your HR management team and for the employees.

Employee Co-Ownership: the concept and advantages

Employee co-ownership is the model in which the share capital of a business is partly owned by its workforce either through:

  • direct (individual) share ownership;
  • shares held in foundation on behalf of and for the benefit of employees.
The popularity of employee co-ownership is based on the growing evidence of its benefits and are characterised by their higher productivity, greater levels of innovation essential impact on organizational performance and individual wellbeing.

Employee co-ownership is an incredibly effective ownership model and an established business model that works around the world.

Employee co-ownership is making a vital contribution to economic growth in challenging economic times, a ownership model that works across a whole range of sectors and at any stage in the life of a business from start up to mature businesses seeking a viable succession route.