Professional Business Services in Sweden

Sweden: unnoticeable stability and simple respectability

Over a period of several decades of the twentieth century, a poor agrarian country became one of the most prosperous and advanced industrial economies.
Swedish business culture is known for its commitment to decentralized organizational structures and democratic governance. Swedish business is constantly developing , acquiring more and more competitive , while not forgetting about the people and the environment. The efficiency is combined with a calm, avoiding stress attitude to work,
the old tradition - with openness to new technological developments.

After joining the EU in 1995, Sweden received a lot of advantages, by submitting code of laws, rules, regulations, and court decisions that make up the total framework of the European Union. However, the country did not join the monetary union and maintained its national currency - the Swedish krona. Recently, in many respects, it was a decisive factor to the financial stability of the banking system of Sweden, which distinguishes it in a good way from the other banking systems in the Euro area.

The most innovative country in the world - a status assigned to Sweden by numerous reports. The future of Swedish business mainly attributed to the high technology industries that allow the country to take advantage of their high-tech development, infrastructure and high level of education.

Doing business through the partners in Sweden largely improve the status of international trade and financial transactions and give a positive image to any entrepreneur.

Our branch in Malmö

The third largest city in Sweden - Malmö - the historic centre of shipbuilding and industry in the first decade of the XXI century has changed drastically after the giant Oresund bridge joined this southern Swedish city with the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. Now, the destination between the centre of Malmö and Copenhagen city centre can be reached in just 25 minutes, so that communication between the two cities is becoming more intense. Malmö has an international reputation as a progressive and eco-friendly metropolis.

SHFM OVERSEAS Sweden Filial - our branch office in Malmö, a separate business unit of SHF.M.ADVISORS LTD, registered in Sweden and dedicated to the provision of agency services and other business services to our clients in their implementation of the international trade and financial transactions.

Our Services in Sweden

One of the key factors for success in business - no matter what country you live in - is the ability to create and maintain business contacts and relationships, which you can always count on.
By providing a professional agency service for documentary and cross-border transactional support, we help our clients build long-term relationships with suppliers and buyers of goods and services from around the world, relying on our own infrastructure and business contacts in Sweden.