Switzerland: First Class Banking and Financial Services

Swiss Corporate and Private Bank Accounts

Switzerland is an important global financial centre. The country has successfully run about 4 thousand financial institutions. The Swiss banks account for about 40% of global asset management for individuals and legal entities. Local private banks have enjoyed a good reputation among customers from all over the world. Swiss private banking traditions, individual approach and contemporary service - the obvious choice for successful people and corporations.

Switzerland is a home for the first private banks. Their reliability is based on a stable legal, economic, financial and political systems, along with an offer first class financial and banking services to private and corporate clients.

Traditionally, the Swiss private banks are focused on the services for individuals and legal entities and usually providing banking services of all kinds, having their offices, mainly in Zurich, Geneva, Lugano and Lausanne.

Today the Swiss banking legislation meets the highest international standards in the fight against organized crime and anti-money laundering, and this is achieved without the encroachment of customers privacy.

Our Services in Switzerland & Liechtenstein

We help our clients in arrangement of all necessary papers and documents for the purpose to establish individual and corporate accounts and kindly introduce our customers to the private banker in Geneva. We can also make an introduction to the private bankers in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Please contact us for more information on bank accounts in Switzerland & Liechtenstein.