Private & Family Wealth Management

We support our clients by providing wealth management bespoke solutions based on our experiences of assisting private individuals, entrepreneurs and their families of different nationalities by offering the most individually focused wealth management solutions for investors who have specific investment requirements or preferences.

Wealth Structuring

We offer advice on long-term and sustainable financial planning for private individuals with substantial asset structures based on knowledge and experience in dealing with issues that may arise in connection with the management, protection and transfer of assets to future generations. For the propose to ensure family control and leadership over generations, it would be better to establish an ownership structure and considerably reduce or even avoid individual ownership for family members.

Instead of direct individual ownership family members will act as stewards and beneficiaries with a responsibility to participate actively in family business through family council and board of directors.

Private foundation, family trust or combination thereof, could be a reliable ownership and governance platform for the family activities, remaining under family control and with a strong ownership positions in family holdings over time.

Family Wealth, Governance & Succession Planning

Advising wealthy families is a complex task and great responsibility. A family business refers to a firm where the voting majority is in the hands of the controlling family, including the founder who intends to pass the business to his/her descendants. Family ownership in combination with a cross-generational commitment, responsibility and knowledge continuity gives considerable opportunities: family-owned firms outperform their non-family counterparts in terms of sales, profits, and other indicators.
However, it can be difficult for family firms to achieve long-term success - most family businesses do not survive the third generation of ownership because of complexity and informal relations between individual family members and between generations.

Family firms can improve their survival ability by setting the substantial governance rules, processes and structures in order to mitigate risks, ensure the viability of the business and preserve family wealth. Every family consists of individuals, it is often the case that they have overlapping and competing interests.
In order to mitigate potential conflict of interests between family members, the family governance principles and controls must be developed, implemented and applied over generations.

We provide advice in areas such as family succession planning, administration of estates, co-ownership agreements and foundations.