Asset Protection & Business Structuring

Private Companies & Holding Structures: CY - NL - HK

Cyprus and the Netherlands - one of the few EU countries where you can easily and quickly set up a company, and one of the most attractive jurisdictions for doing business. Hong Kong legal entities are effectively working in conjunction with the Dutch and Cypriot companies under a holding and trading structures.

While a new company incorporation is quick, we also offer readymade (shelf) companies, which definitely speed up the business roll-out process. Most companies incorporated in Cyprus and other jurisdictions are private limited companies. We can setup a limited company for you in Cyprus and other countries for a short period of time.

Public Companies: CY

International investors aiming to invest globally in any type of investment (equity or bond trading, property and others) now have an opportunity to conduct their business in an efficient way by choosing to register a public company in Cyprus and subsequently list the company on the Cyprus Stock Exchange's Emerging Companies Market through simplified procedures and at very reasonable costs.

The key advantages of the Cyprus Stock Exchange Emerging Companies Market are the following:

  • no minimum market cap requirement;
  • no daily volume requirement;
  • no maximum or minimum share dispersion requirement.
Cyprus Stock Exchange Emerging Companies Market combining with Cyprus tax benefits is the ideal solution for M&A deals with listed companies or privately held companies.

International Trust in Cyprus

Trust - a form of fiduciary agreement under which the Settlor (Founder) transfers its property/assets to the Trustee - manager of the trust, for the purpose of holding and managing property/assets for the benefit of third parties - Beneficiaries of the trust.

The trustee holds the property / assets only in accordance with the objectives set out by Settlor of the trust.

International Trust in Cyprus has a number of advantages:

  • No taxes. Cyprus International Trust is not taxed in Cyprus
  • High level of asset ownership confidentiality. Information about the beneficial owner of the company becomes very sensitive when setting up the trust, which will own the shares in the company
  • Can be set up both by individuals and legal entities, as an effective tool for income generation, tax planning and holding structures
  • Individual terms of the trust agreement depending on the purpose and requirements of the Settlor, such as inheritance of property/assets - an individual through the set up of a trust can ensure the well-being of minors, or persons who are not able to make decisions to manage an inheritance, or any other persons who are under the law of the residence country of the Settlor cannot be considered as heirs
  • Protection of assets, guaranteed by Cyprus legislation - a trust cannot be declared invalid or revoked, regardless of the provisions of the Cypriot or foreign law, bankruptcy or liquidation, contesting the right to own property

The following assets can be transferred to the trust:

  • Equities or shares in public or private companies
  • Bank deposits
  • Lifestyle property, real estate, art, intellectual property, etc.

Trust is usually found for the following purposes:

  • Asset Protection
  • Tax Planning
  • Planning of inheritance
  • Confidentiality of asset ownership